Re: WimMark I for 2.5.64-mm1

Alex Riesen (alexander.riesen@synopsys.COM)
Fri, 7 Mar 2003 19:06:53 +0100

Joel Becker, Fri, Mar 07, 2003 18:57:01 +0100:
> WimMark I report for 2.5.64-mm1
> Runs with anticipatory scheduler: 547.28 580.69
> Runs with deadline scheduler: 1557.79 1360.52

What do the numbers mean?
Is AS better or worse DS?

> WimMark I is a rough benchmark we have been running
> here at Oracle against various kernels. Each run tests an OLTP
> workload on the Oracle database with somewhat restrictive memory
> conditions. This reduces in-memory buffering of data, allowing for
> more I/O. The I/O is read and sync write, random and seek-laden.
> The benchmark is called "WimMark I" because it has no
> official standing and is only a relative benchmark useful for comparing
> kernel changes. The benchmark is normalized an arbitrary kernel, which
> scores 1000.0. All other numbers are relative to this.
> The machine in question is a 4 way 700 MHz Xeon machine with 2GB
> of RAM. CONFIG_HIGHMEM4GB is selected. The disk accessed for data is a
> 10K RPM U2W SCSI of similar vintage. Unless mentioned, all runs are
> on this machine (variation in hardware would indeed change the
> benchmark).
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