Re: [PATCH] register_blkdev

Christoph Hellwig (
Fri, 7 Mar 2003 19:06:49 +0000

On Fri, Mar 07, 2003 at 07:49:40PM +0100, wrote:
> The following patch does the following:
> - static const char *blkdevs[MAX_BLKDEV]; disappears
> - get_blkdev_list, (un)register_blkdev, __bdevname
> are moved from block_dev.c to genhd.c
> - the third "fops" parameter of register_blkdev was unused;
> now removed everywhere
> - zillions of places had printk("cannot get major") upon
> error return from register_blkdev; removed all of these
> and inserted a single printk in register_blkdev.

IMHO that's a bad change, (un)register_blkdev should just go away

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