Re: [patch] "interactivity changes", sched-2.5.64-B2

Martin Josefsson (
07 Mar 2003 22:05:57 +0100

On Fri, 2003-03-07 at 21:39, Ingo Molnar wrote:
> On 7 Mar 2003, Martin Josefsson wrote:
> > Some negative things:
> if you have time/interest, could you re-test the negative things with X
> reniced to -10, to further isolate the problem? Another thing to try is to
> renice xmms to -10 (or RT priority). Which one makes the larger
> difference?

X niced to -10 makes the xmms mouse-jerkyness disappear. but it can
still skip right after a songchange. If I renice xmms to -10 as well I
get the mouse-jerkyness again, it I renice it to -5 it seems to behave
quite well, no mouse-jerkyness and so far I havn't heard any skips, but
it can take some time until a skip occurs.

With X reniced to -10 it feels like the wiggle_a_window while a
'make -j10' and a movie is playing gets a bit more sluggish.

And sawfish still takes 30 second naps when executing a bunch of


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