Re: [RFC] one line fix in arch/i386/Kconfig

H. Peter Anvin (
7 Mar 2003 15:10:42 -0800

Followup to: <>
By author: "Paolo Ciarrocchi" <>
In newsgroup:
> >
> > We want people to be able to build a kernel which will run on many systems
> > but still use CPU specific features.
> Ah... ok I see the point, I could compile a kernel with PIII optimizations
> and then run it on a PIV.
> But it is a complication in the configuration process.
> Do we agree on that ?

Not really.

> How about a config entry:
> "Leave only the option related to the CPU I selected" ?

What we really need is to separate out "optimize for CPU" and "support
CPU", kind of like gcc has -mcpu= and -march=.


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Architectures needed: ia64 m68k mips64 ppc ppc64 s390 s390x sh v850 x86-64
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