Re: Linux 2.4.21-rc1 : aic7xxx deadlock on boot on my machine

Alan Cox (
22 Apr 2003 23:15:47 +0100

On Maw, 2003-04-22 at 20:34, Eric Valette wrote:
> On the other hand, probably mainy/every server with dual scsi cards
> (one for 160 Mbps and other for slow devices as tape, cdrom, ...) will
> probably not boot with actual good blessed code :-)
> Never mind :
> 1) I have warned and done my debugging duty by sending a kdbg backtrace,
> 2) I suggested a possible fix,
> 3) I have a solution for myself,

Indeed, and its on the list to try and work through. The size of the changes from
.0 to .6 make it non trivial though

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