Re: Centrino

Anders Karlsson (
02 May 2003 17:03:54 +0100

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On Fri, 2003-05-02 at 16:46, Balram Adlakha wrote:
> I think support for your video card was added in xfree 4.3. What=20
> version are you running now?

I am running 4.3.0 (part of SuSE Pro 8.2) and I have also grabbed the
GATOS drivers to get a better driver. The interesting thing about that
was that the GATOS project provide drm code to build new kernel drm
drivers, and when installing the radeon.o from that build, when I
started X I had a hard hang. Could do nothing but hold down the
powerbutton until the thing switched off, about 8-10 seconds..



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