Re: [PATCH] Switch ide parameters to new-style and make them unique.

Bartlomiej Zolnierkiewicz (
Sun, 11 May 2003 17:32:44 +0200 (MET DST)

On Sun, 11 May 2003, Jeremy Jackson wrote:

> Haven't tested, but I have a few comments.
> First, I think this is a great step in the right
> direction for the ide driver.


> I think at some point, the kernel command line parameters should be
> consolidated behind a single ata=hda,noprobe or ata=if0,io0x1f0,irq7 type
> parameter, instead of the hda= and ide0=. Taking that one step furthur, a
> new syntax is needed, and having it go into 2.6 might pave the way for
> removing the old cruft in 2.8?

Yes, I was thinking about it.
I prefer as easily parsable parameters as possible :-)
fe. ata.dev_noprobe=hda and ata.if_io_irq=0,0x1f0,7.

It is a question of shorter command line vs shorter parsing code.

About a 2.6:
I want to mark old command line plus HDIO_DRIVE_CMD and HDIO_DRIVE_TASK
ioctls as obsoleted for 2.6.x and remove these cruft early in 2.7.x.
I hope I will manage to do it, but it depends on Linus.

> That would seem necessary, as I see it, to remove static ide_hwifs and
> eventually support better hotswap. (But even if it doesn't it would still
> clean up the ide parameters)

FYI I have just done dynamic ide_hwifs allocations, patch needs
finishing (pdc4030 special case), polishing and testing.



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