Re: patch-O1int-0306281420 for 2.5.73 interactivity

Felipe Alfaro Solana (
28 Jun 2003 20:02:37 +0200

On Sat, 2003-06-28 at 07:16, Con Kolivas wrote:
> The interactivity for tasks is based on the sleep avg accumulated divided by
> the running time of the task. However since the accumulated time is not
> linear with time it now works on the premise that running time is an
> exponential function entirely. Pat Erley was the genius who implemented this
> simple exponential function in surprisingly low overhead integer maths.
> Also added was some jiffy wrap logic (as if anyone would still be running my
> patch in 50 days :P).
> Long sleepers were reclassified as idle according to the new exponential
> logic.
> If you test, please note this works better at 1000Hz.

Currently testing on 2.5.73-mm2, with both patches (patch-O1int and
patch-granularity) plus HZ=1000. The result is quite impressive. Under
load, X still suffer a little lag and behaves a little worse than the
combo patch from Mike Galbraith + Ingo, but now XMMS doesn't skip even
when clicking a link inside Evolution.

Please, let me more time to work with this new patched kernel a little
bit more to see if I can find any strange issues.

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