ata-scsi driver update

Jeff Garzik (
Mon, 30 Jun 2003 19:59:24 -0400

maintenance update, nothing terribly new or exciting. mostly error
handling improvements and cleanups (and some bug fixes just for fun).

GNU diff, versus 2.4.21 release:

BK repos:

The 2.5 repo is a bit out of date WRT the latest scsi api, but the
ata-scsi driver itself is 100% in sync with its 2.4 counterpart. (due
to the large number of changes in 2.5 scsi, the 2.5 driver is a fork of
the 2.4 driver)

detailed changes:
* add autogenerated docbook docs
* add atapi (ifdef'd out, due to lack of err handling)
* better ata probing, including better err handling during probe
* more piix pci ids. bump up ich5 sata max speed to udma6.
* beginnings of SYNCHRONIZE CACHE support for ATA drives
* better SCSI emulation for ATA drives
* cleanups, simplifications, minor bug fixes
* a huge search-n-replace job, s/ata_host/ata_port/

A couple new host drivers coming next, along with atapi error handling...

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