Re: Kernel Compiling using "make rpm" question PLEASE!!

Samuel Flory (
Sun, 06 Jul 2003 13:05:16 -0700 wrote:

> Still trying to figure out how to use "rpmbuild -bb"

What you need for that is a rpm spec file. Grab a kernel.src.rpm from
a distribution. Install it, and cd to /us/src/redhat (other distros may
have a different name in /usr./src). Now the sources, and patches
should be in SOURCE, and the spec file in SPEC. Now you can modify/add
the source/patches, and the spec. To create rpms you run "rpm -bb <spec
file>". Of course to get the i686 rpms you want you need to add
"--target i686".

Keep in mind this involves a lot of rpm spec file black magic. Also
most of time you will end up with at least 3 kernel rpms via this
method. You really don't want to do this unless you need to roll your
own custom releases of a distro for some reason.

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