Re: [RFC][PATCH] SCHED_ISO for interactivity

Christian Axelsson (
13 Jul 2003 13:54:52 +0200

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On Sun, 2003-07-13 at 12:41, Guillaume Chazarain wrote:
> Hi Con,
> I am currently testing SCHED_ISO, but I have noticed a regression:
> I do a make -j5 in linux-2.5.75/ everything is OK since gcc prio is 25.
> X and fvwm prio are 15, but when I move a window it's very jerky.

It's pretty smooth on my desktop (t-bird 1.4, 512mb ram, nvidia)

> BTW2, you all seem to test interactivity with xmms. Just for those like m=
> that didn't noticed, I have just found that it skips much less with alsa'=
> OSS emulation than with alsa-xmms.

I will try that out, seems to work so far, intressting...

Christian Axelsson

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