Re: [PATCH] LIRC drivers for 2.5.74 - 2nd version

Pavel Machek (
Sun, 13 Jul 2003 14:00:16 +0200


> Here ( there
> is the second version of my patch that adds the LIRC
> ( drivers to 2.5 kernels (this patch was prepared
> using 2.5.74 kernel, but it should work also with earlier kernels).

If you want that patch to go in, you should post it here, plaintext.

> In this version I removed the lirc_i2c driver that need the i2c driver
> code from lm_sensors, and therefor is not compatible with 2.5 (I don't
> know how to make it works sorry).
> I also corrected the Makefile as told me by Boszormenyi Zoltan, and also
> merged his patch for MOD_[INC|DEC]_USE_COUNT.

Actually, 2.5 includes a *lot* of lm_sensors code. If there's
something else from lm_sensors thats needed, it should be easy to
port. [I thought lirc_i2c driver was the only interesting one?]

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[Johanka's followup: and *two* hearts?]
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