Re: TCP IP Offloading Interface

Jeff Garzik (
Sun, 13 Jul 2003 10:51:15 -0400

Alan Shih wrote:
> Has anyone worked on a standard interface between TOE and Linux? (ie.
> something like Trapeze/Myrinet's GMS?)
> Or TOE is a forbidden discussion? Any effort in making Linux the OS for TOE
> at all even though Linux is a little too heavy for it?

I do not forsee there _ever_ being a TOE interface for Linux.

It's not a forbidden discussion, but, the networking developers tend to
ignore people who mention TOE because it's been discussed to death, and
no evidence has ever been presented to prove it has advantages where it
matters, and it has significant _dis_advantages from the get-go.

I really should write an LKML FAQ entry for TOE.


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