Re: Could not open debufiles.list on Redhat 9 kernel compile

Martin List-Petersen (
13 Jul 2003 19:00:34 +0200

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Yep .. all -b switches have been moved from rpm to rpmbuild.

So if you edit the Makefile, replacing call of "rpm" with "rpmbuild" it

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On Sun, 2003-07-13 at 17:45, Jay Denebeim wrote: > I've seen quite a few references to this with google, I haven't seen a > solution. The problem is making a stock kernel with 'make rpm' on a > redhat 9 system. Redhat has done something to rpm with version 9 that > is causing it to create a debug package for every package you make. > Unfortunately whatever it's doing is busted for stock kernels. >=20 > I've been unable to find a way to turn off this generation. There is > a variable %_enable_debug_packages 1 in the redhat macros, I've turned > it off, but that hasn't helped. >=20 > So, how do I disable this 'feature'? Does anyone know? >=20 > Jay

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