Rusty's mod-util and RH9.0 Question Please?

Ronald Jerome (
Sun, 13 Jul 2003 13:53:45 -0700 (PDT)

I updated my modutils with rusty's modutils

With the aid of paul Nasrat, he prepared me more
updated modutils and mkinitrd to make both a 2.4 and
2.5 boot correctly.

I am not sure what happend but it looks like my
"modprobe" disapeared?

Luckily before I ran the new modutils for 2.5 I copied
all my modutils as *.org. insmod, depmod, modprobe,
rmmod, lsmod all to *.old.

Only problems is 2.5 kernels do not want that
/sbin/modprobe which I renamed from to
modprobe in order to get the 2.4 kernel to insmod
correctly again.

My question is, after updating the modutils is there a
/sbin/modprobe or is it renamed by the modutils upadte
to /sbin/modprobe.old and if that is the case why
isn't the 2.4 kernels using that? It all of a sudden
is looking for /sbin/modprobe.

I had to cp the file that I saved to
modprobe and now the 2.4 kernels work fine again but
2.5 kernels do not work right with /sbin/modprobe. SO
Now I have to manually remove /sbin/modprobe to boot
up 2.5 kernels and put modprobe back to boot up 2.4

WHat can I do to fix this. Is maybe asymlink borken?
do I need to symlinke the modprobe.old which it is
already symlinked to insmode.old.

DO I have to modify my script in /etc/rc.d/rc.sysinit?

If I leave the modprobe file in /etc/modprobe then the
modules for 2.5 kernels do not load correctly.

I get these messages"

GM _MODULES function not implemented
for ieee1394 and for usb.

Just those two fail during the INIT: phase of the
kernel 2.5 bootup.

Can someone help me or explain to me what I need to

SHoudl I reinstall rusty's modutils? If so what how
do I about that? Maybe I shoudl reinstall the
oldpackage that came with RH v9.0 then reinstall the
rusty over again?

Anyideas would be helpfull at this point.

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