Re: [Swsusp-devel] Re: Thoughts wanted on merging Software Suspend

Jan Rychter (
Sun, 13 Jul 2003 14:21:10 -0700

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>>>>> "Pavel" =3D=3D Pavel Machek <> writes:
Pavel> Hi!
>> Escape is more intuitively obvious though - I would expect the
>> suspend button to only start a suspend. And the idea of escape
>> cancelling anything is well in-grained in peoples' minds.

Pavel> You did not initiate suspend from keyboard =3D> you should not
Pavel> terminate it from keyboard.

Oh, come on. I usually initiate suspend by doing 'sh suspend' as root.

Besides, implementing swsusp support for ACPI events is IMHO right next
to impossible (not to mention unbelievably messy), and that's what you'd
need to have your power button abort the suspend process.


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