Re: [BUG] 100% reproducible oops on ATAPI CD-ROM I/O error, 2.5.75

Moritz Muehlenhoff (
Mon, 14 Jul 2003 00:10:08 +0200

In, you wrote:
> I added this as a comment to bug 878, but here's a
> cleaned-up version of the reproduction instructions:
> 5. readcd dev=/dev/hdc f=/dev/null
> (readcd chokes near the end of the CD, tries reading again, and oopses
> the kernel)

With kernel 2.5.75-bk3 it doesn't oops neither on my CD-RW, nor on
my CD-ROM. I guess that's related to ChangeSet@1.486 from Jens Axboe
[PATCH] Fix IDE-CD command failure re-play

Does anyone have an explanation why cdrecord fails to write the last
sector properly? Is this a kernel issue or a bug in cdrecord?
I'm using cdrtools 2.01a15.
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