Re: 2.5.75 as-iosched.c & asm-generic/div64.h breakage

Peter Chubb (
Mon, 14 Jul 2003 14:10:58 +1000

>> 1. For some reason the LBD config option in drivers/block/Kconfig
>> depends on X86. (CONFIG_LBD is what makes sector_t an unsigned
>> long long instead of an unsigned long). I think the LBD option
>> should be available on all 32-bit platforms. Working out a neat
>> way to tell the config system that is left as an exercise for the
>> reader. :)

Nick> Not me :P

No 'twas me --- because I couldn't work oput any cvlean way to do it,
and, of the 32-bit plaftforms, I could test only x86.

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