Re: 2.5.75 doesn't boot at all on x86
Mon, 14 Jul 2003 07:28:05 +0200

Dave Jones wrote:
> On Sun, Jul 13, 2003 at 03:50:31PM +0200, Anthony Lichnewsky wrote:
> > After lilo, the kernel is uncompressed, then the screen goes black.
> > the traditional init message is not even displayed
> > ( INIT version 2.85 booting ).
> > It accepts Ctrl+Alt+Suppr for reboot. but that's it.
> >
> > I checked that CONFIG_VT, CONFIG_VGA_CONSOLE are set in my .config.
> > I suspect the initrd image is not loaded correctly, but I don't have any
> > real clue. It was generated with mkinitrd version 3.4.43.
> > Any Idea of what it might be ?
> Try CONFIG_VIDEO_SELECT=n. If that doesn't help, post your .config.
> (That config option really needs to tighten up what it does in
> its EDID parser, see
> which still isn't fixed...)
> Dave
Thanks Dave.

I did that, and it left me with the kernel booting, but still no VT.
In fact, it appeared that rivafb that I use (says it detected my geForce
2, nevertheless ...) didn't do anything. I suppressed it and used vesafb
instead, and that was it.
I have now another strange problem, but I think I am not the only one to
experience it.

modprobe fails on /etc/modules.devfs and /etc/modules.conf at each
probeall line.
therefore, I dont have all modules up, particularly no mouse, no sound,
no pcmcia, no acpi, no ide-scsi cdrw/dvd ....

the message is
modprobe: WARNING: /etc/modules.xxxx line xx: ignoring bad line
starting with 'probeall'

my modules.devfs only has probeall lines.
I use it also for my 2.4 kernels. What should I do ?? updated my
modultils to use modprobe-25. It looks like it doesn't support probeall
yet. Do I change all probeall for simple probes ?
The idea of compiliing most of the modules into the kernel doesn't
appeal to me that much.

Is there any known workaround ?

Please cc me as I did not suscribe yet.


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