Re: airo_cs load error

Sven Dowideit (
14 Jul 2003 20:08:59 +1000

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hey there Tom,

sorry for the delay.
i just patched the 2.6-test1 with this patch, and it sure does remove
the "scheduling when atomic" errors

I still have the problem that i mentioned in "mis-identified cisco
aironet pccard" where the cisco card is recognised as a memory card at
bootup. I don't know where to start with tracking this problem down - if
you have suggestions for me to look at, i'll have a go :)


On Fri, 2003-06-20 at 05:45, Tom Sightler wrote:
> > Jun 19 08:22:21 neutrino cardmgr[2280]: executing: 'modprobe airo_cs'
> > Jun 19 08:22:21 neutrino kernel: airo: Doing fast bap_reads
> > Jun 19 08:22:21 neutrino kernel: airo: MAC enabled eth1 0:9:e8:62:c0:75
> > Jun 19 08:22:21 neutrino kernel: eth1: index 0x05: Vcc 5.0, Vpp 5.0, ir=
> > 3, io 0x0100-0x013f
> > Jun 19 08:22:21 neutrino cardmgr[2280]: executing: './network start
> > eth1'
> > Jun 19 08:22:21 neutrino kernel: bad: scheduling while atomic!
> Could you try with this patch, it should fix the "scheduling while
> atomic" error in airo.c.
> It actually also includes a few other things, mostly cleanups and fixes
> pulled from the CVS version of the airo.c driver for 2.4 so I don't
> think it will cause you any harm. It has worked well for me on three
> fairly different cards, (a PCMCIA, a PCI card, and a Mini-PCI).
> Later,
> Tom

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