Re: modutils-2.3.15 'insmod'

Keith Owens (
Mon, 14 Jul 2003 21:41:01 +1000

On Wed, 9 Jul 2003 11:25:11 -0400 (EDT),
"Richard B. Johnson" <> wrote:
>modutils-2.3.15, and probably later, has a bug that can prevent
>modules from being loaded from initrd, this results in not
>being able to mount a root file-system. The bug assumes that
>malloc() will return a valid pointer when given an allocation
>size of zero.

Sigh :( Fixed over two years ago.

modutils Changelog. 2001-05-06 modutils 2.4.6

* Do not assume that malloc(0) returns a pointer. Bug report by
Kiichiro Naka, different fix by Keith Owens.

void *
xmalloc(size_t size)
void *ptr = malloc(size ? size : 1);
if (!ptr)
error("Out of memory");
return ptr;

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