Re: Linux v2.6.0-test1

Dave Jones (
Mon, 14 Jul 2003 12:53:13 +0100

On Mon, Jul 14, 2003 at 12:50:40PM +0100, John Bradford wrote:
> > Then you'll just have to wait a few months
> Oh well, it just seems strange to be asking people to test
> 2.6.0-root-my-box, without making the consequences a bit clearer.

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Security concerns.
Several security issues solved in 2.4 may not yet be forward ported
to 2.5. For this reason 2.5.x kernels should not be tested on
untrusted systems. Testing known 2.4 exploits and reporting results
is useful.
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If you don't have the time/energy to trawl linux-kernel, testing the
many zillions of `sploits out there to see what works and what doesn't
may be more fun. (Although most if not all should be failing, so it
may also get boring very quickly). It'd be nice if someone like osdl
could add such testing to nightly regression tests. Some of them may
even be candidates for LTP perhaps ?


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