Re: Why is generic hldc beig ignored? RE:Linux 2.4.22-pre4

Francois Romieu (
Mon, 14 Jul 2003 14:27:31 +0200

Frantisek Rysánek <> :
> As for the userspace sethdlc.c by Krzystof Halasa: I was using ver.1.12,
> modified by Mr. Romieu, who has "cut some non-compiling functionality."
> The current version from Krzysztof Halasa is 1.15.

To be fair to Krzysztof, the "non-compiling functionality" I cut simply
came from the fact that latest sethdlc utility contained code related to
CONFIG_HDLC_RAW_ETH option which wasn't available in vanilla 2.4.21-pre.
Please note that this specific code exists in 2.4.22-pre3-ac but not in
plain Marcelo's 2.4.22-pre.


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