RE: [Patch] 1/4 PCI Hot-plug driver patch for 2.5.74 kernel

Sy, Dely L (
Mon, 14 Jul 2003 06:43:31 -0700

> > This patch was sent out to this and pcihpd-discuss mailing lists on
> > 7/10. However, it didn't show up on this mailing list most probably
> > due to the message size. Now I make it into 4 parts and resend them.
> > There were already a few discussions on this patch.

> Hm, this just split the patch up along file diffs? Did you change
> anything from the one big patch you send me earlier?

Yes, this is just a re-send of the original big patch to the lkml for it
can't take message more than 100KB. The original message didn't show up
in lkml after I sent it. For this one, I just split it up along file

I'll look into the feasibility of splitting up the patch into smaller
ones according to functionality as suggested by you and Dan after I get
back from vacation on 7/21.

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