Re: 2.5.75-mm1 yenta-socket lsPCI IRQ reads incorrect

Jeff Garzik (
Mon, 14 Jul 2003 11:04:35 -0400

On Mon, Jul 14, 2003 at 03:50:51PM +0100, Russell King wrote:
> yenta_allocate_resources(socket);
> +
> + pci_save_state(dev, socket->saved_state);
> socket->cb_irq = dev->irq;

This reminds me, PCI Express makes the PCI config area larger, going
from 256 bytes to either 4K or 64K IIRC.

I wonder if we want new pci_{save,restore}_xstate functions?
Or change the pci_{save,restore}_state API now to work with larger
config areas?

Intel probably has some patches internally for this, I bet.


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