Re: [PATCH] O5int for interactivity

Felipe Alfaro Solana (
14 Jul 2003 17:25:01 +0200

On Mon, 2003-07-14 at 14:32, Con Kolivas wrote:
> More interactivity work for audio and X smoothness. I have fixed all my test
> cases and need feedback about others to develop beyond this.
> Changes
> The idle code now gives just under interactive state based on the runtime
> instead of min_sleep_avg - minor startup speed improvement.
> Tasks that drop their priority while running are now put to the end of the
> queue to continue their timeslice. Fixes a little flutter when tasks are
> cpu hogs for short periods (eg mozilla).
> Tasks that are complete cpu hogs are put on the expired array every time they
> run out of timeslice.

Hmmm... Starvation is back for me (Pentium III 700Mhz + ACPI):

1. Log on to X/KDE
2. Launch Konqueror
3. Launch XMMS
4. Make XMMS play a song
5. Move the Konqueror window all over the desktop.

Step 5 causes XMMS to completely starve for exactly 5 seconds. After
those 5 seconds, the XMMS priority gets adjusted and sound comes back
from my speakers.

Another way to starve XMMS for 5 seconds:

1. Launch XMMS
2. Make it play
3. Run a standard CPU hogger: "while true; do a=2; done"

Step 3 will make XMMS starve for exactly 5 seconds. Also, during those 5
seconds, X is completely jerky and moving the mouse makes the pointer
goes jumping all over the screen.

Do you want additional information? Any patch trying?

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