Re: PPC 440 System

Roland Dreier (
14 Jul 2003 09:16:38 -0700

simon> If I remove /sbin/init from the nfs root the kernel panics
simon> as expected, so I assume root is mounted ok. I have tried
simon> to build a minimum root filesystem which contains
simon> /dev/console, /dev/ttyS0 and a statically linked
simon> /sbin/init. The init just does a printf but I do not see
simon> this message. Does anyone know it this should work ?

Yes, a static /sbin/init should work.

simon> Initially I tried to build a root filesystem from files on
simon> a Mac Clone running Yellow Dog Linux. I believe this has a
simon> PPC 604e processor. Should this systems binaries/libraries
simon> run on the 440GP ?

simon> Can I expect a statically linked executable, made on the
simon> Mac, to run on the 440GP?

Probably not. The 440GP has no floating point hardware, so you will
need (at least) to build a special glibc without FP instructions and
also make sure your gcc is set up not to generate FP instructions.

Your best bet is probably to download ELDK (a free Embedded Linux
Development Kit) from Dan Kegel also has some good PPC
4xx cross development information at

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