Re: Alan Shih: "TCP IP Offloading Interface"

David griego (
Mon, 14 Jul 2003 11:46:31 -0700

IMHO, there are several cases for some type of TCP/IP offload. One is for
embedded systems that are just not capable of doing 1Gbps+. Another is with
10GbE, even high end servers will not be able keep up with TCP
processing/data movement at these speeds. Not being proactive in adopting
TCP/IP offload will force Linux into accepting some scheme that will not
necissarily be best.

>Alan Shih wrote:
>>Has anyone worked on a standard interface between TOE and Linux? (ie.
>>something like Trapeze/Myrinet's GMS?)
>>Or TOE is a forbidden discussion? Any effort in making Linux the OS for
>>TOE at all even though Linux is a little too heavy for it?
>I do not forsee there _ever_ being a TOE interface for Linux.
>It's not a forbidden discussion, but, the networking developers tend to
>ignore people who mention TOE because it's been discussed to death, and
>no evidence has ever been presented to prove it has advantages where it
>matters, and it has significant _dis_advantages from the get-go.
>I really should write an LKML FAQ entry for TOE.
> Jeff
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