Re: sizeof (siginfo_t) problem

Ulrich Weigand (
Mon, 14 Jul 2003 20:52:20 +0200

Jakub Jelinek wrote:

>As I tried to write, we either can have all GCCs
>which will work properly only with new kernels (no pad added),
>or we can have new GCCs working with all kernels (if pad is added).
>Your choice...

I'll discuss this with Martin tomorrow, but right now I'd tend to
fixing the kernel, because this means you can fix an installed
system by upgrading only the kernel itself (and this upgrade
should not break anything). The alternative would be not only
to upgrade libgcc (and possibly glibc), but all programs statically
linked with it as well as all programs that otherwise have the
signal stack layout hardcoded ...

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