Re: Alan Shih: "TCP IP Offloading Interface"

Alan Cox (
14 Jul 2003 21:05:53 +0100

On Llu, 2003-07-14 at 20:43, David griego wrote:
> Intel Clusters and Network Storage Volume Platforms Lab reported that it
> takes about 1MHz to process 1Mbps on a PIII. Using this rule of thumb (they

1MHz to proces 1Mbit doing what - file I/O to and from disk, web serving
- because ToE or otherwise I still have to process the data I receive
and do something useful with it unless I'm just a router, firewall or
load balancer. If you want to argue about using gate arrays and hardware
to accelerate IP routing, balancing and firewall filter cams then you
might get somewhere - but they dont need to talk TCP.

Also if its 1MHz per 1Mbit worse case and your ToE engine isnt entirely
hardware paths capable of sustaining 10Gbit/sec, what happens when I hit
you with 10Gbit of carefully chosen non optimal frames ?

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