Re: 2.4.21 smp: system lockup

Marc Heckmann (
Mon, 14 Jul 2003 16:32:59 -0400

Hi there,

just realised that I forgot to run ksymoops over the sysrq+t output.

the resolved output is attached. (it's big, so I had to gzip it.i sorry ).

Also, I was wondering if the deadlock I encountered might whave been the
IO-pausing under SMP systems that people have been talking about?

thanks in advance.


On Sat, Jul 12, 2003 at 01:10:02PM -0400, Marc Heckmann wrote:
> Hi,
> I recently experienced a lockup on an SMP 2.4.21 kernel (vanilla).
> The machine was under very heavy IO at the time. (a full backup was in
> progress). gzipped Alt+sysrq+t output is attached. I forgot
> Alt+sysrq+P unfortunatly.
> iptables was still functional, it still responded to pings, but
> everything else was locked up. obviously sysrq was still working. I
> managed to reboot it with sysrq+b over the serial line.
> the machine has been in production for a while and has run in the past
> for almost 2 months w/o any problems, so I don't believe it's hardware
> related.
> A similar lockup happened once with the redhat 2.4.20-13.9 kernel. I
> blamed that on all the extra patches present and switched to 2.4.21
> hoping that it would alleviate the problem.
> PS: I'm not an linux-kernel so please CC me directly.
> -m

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