Re: Alan Shih: "TCP IP Offloading Interface"

David griego (
Mon, 14 Jul 2003 14:51:51 -0700

>From: Alan Cox <>
> > Layer one network processing is often handled by ASICS, also some of the
> > fastest encryption engines are hardware. I suggest we don't wait until
> > proven wrong before making a decision on TOE.
>You don't have to. You can go build and test and maintain a set of TOE
>Nobody is stopping you. Lots of Linux code exists because someone decided
>the official story was wrong and proved it so.
Our team has done this twice aready for Linux (one TOE in software one as an
ASIC). It can be hard to make decisions on tradeoffs when the general
consinsus in Linux is to not support TOE. I'm sure that once everything is
said and done we will provide a driver for our TOE to the community.
Support from other OS venders has been better and feedback from them will
defenitly influance our hardware design.

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