Re: radeonfb patch for 2.4.22...

Benjamin Herrenschmidt (
15 Jul 2003 09:44:13 +0200

> >
> > Which is what the original 0.1.8 patch included, his fixes were included.
> Ah really? I though that his changes were not merged in your 0.1.8 patch.
> So can I just revert his patch and accept your instead that all of his
> stuff is in ? Whoaa, great.

No. 0.1.8 lacks a lot of my stuffs

> I prefer playing no silly games in the 2.4 stable series, as I've been
> trying to do so far. If you had accepted Ben's changes in the first place
> I wouldnt need to apply his patch.
> Ben is very interested in maintaining the driver, AFAIK. Is that
> correct, Ben?
> Are you interested in giving up maintenance?
> For me it doenst matter who maintains the driver, as long as it is well
> maintained.

I could take over if Ani wants to give up, though I would prefer a
dedicated maintainer with more time to do the necessary rewrite of
this driver in 2.6 and later, which I don't have time to do right
now, however, I can maintain the existing code base if necessary.


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