Nordic Journal of Computing Bibliography

Bengt Jonsson, Tiziana Margaria, Gustaf Naeser, Jan Nyström, and Bernhard Steffen. Incremental Requirement Specification for Evolving Systems. Nordic Journal of Computing, 8(1):65-87, Spring 2001.

We propose a technique for hierarchically structuring requirement specifications in a way that simplifies change management. Our technique decomposes the process of requirement specification and validation. Specifications, added or modified incrementally on various levels of abstraction, can directly be subject to automatic verification, thus providing early feedback concerning design decisions or the impact of adding or changing service functionality. Thus it is possible to maintain consistency between (incomplete) requirement specifications and the underlying evolving implementation model.

Categories and Subject Descriptors: D.2.1 [Software Engineering]: Requirements/Specifications; I.6.4 [Simulation and Modeling]: Model Validation and Analysis; I.6.5 [Simulation and Modeling]: Model Development

Additional Key Words and Phrases: telecommunication services, feature interaction, requirement engineering, change management, specification refinement


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