Survey on Virtualization

Hajautetut järjestelmät ja tietoliikenne

 Description: Hypervisor is one of the key components in Cloud Computing. There are several virtualization solutions available. It is hight time to give a survey on them. How do they work? How are they designed? What is the archetecture? What do they share in common? What are the differences? Advantages or disadvantages of each solution? Which is the best application scenario for each solution? 


To answer some questions, the students are highly recommended to design and perform experiments on different solutions. The evaluation results from the experiment are highly appreciated.

Skill needed:

  • Solid knowledge in Computer Organization and Architecture;
  • Knowledge in Linux administration;
  • Basic knowledge in script language;
  • Some hacking knowledge is a plus;

Focus gauge:

  • Theory 3/5
  • Coding / Implementation 1/5 or 4/5: Depends on whether the students will evaluate the solution by experiments;
  • Reading 5/5


08.06.2011 - 21:08 Liang Wang
08.06.2011 - 21:04 Liang Wang