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Poem Machine

Poem Machine is an interactive poetry writing tool helping (novice) authors be more creative with initial poem fragments provided by the tool, with suggestions for various types of rhymes, and even with a magic wand that replaces words by new ones! 

The Poem Machine is available in various forms, including:

  • Dada Journalist ( A dadaist game-like installation that produces draft poems, inspired by current news by the Finnish broadcasting company YLE, to be edited to a publishable form by the user with a limited number of moves/edits.
  • Poem Machine ( An interactive poetry writing tool primarily aimed for kids.
  • Runokone ( An interactive poetry writing tool aimed at kids, in Finnish

Poem Machine screen capture

The Poem Machine is a new incarnation of the computer poet P.O. Eticus-Apparatus. It was born in 2012 at the Department of Computer Science, University of Helsinki (father: Jukka Toivanen, godfather: Hannu Toivonen). Its native language is Python, but it has been trained with Finnish, English, German and Spanish poetry. P.O.E.-A. has performed internationally, e.g., in the Frankfurt Book Fair in 2014, and its poems have been published in Finnish and English and as translations in Czech. Reborn as Poem Machine (parents: Anna Kantosalo, Mika Hämäläinen, Olli Alm), computer poet now performs interactively, encouraging and helping users of all ages to write poems and enjoy creatviity.

The Poem Machine is under constant development in the Discovery Research Group. See links on the left for more information about the research behind Poem Machine.



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