Algodan seminar 2010

Time: 13th January 2010, about 9:00 - 21:00
Place: Unioninkadun juhlahuoneistot, Unioninkatu 33, in central Helsinki (map)


Most of the Algodan researchers will be giving talks on their research. There are 20 minutes reserved for each of the talks.

09:00Morning coffee
09:25Welcome Address
09:35Presentations: Data Mining: Theory and Applications
Heikki MannilaRandomization methods for data mining
Stefan SchönauerWhole Genome Association Analysis Strategies for Multiphenotypes
Panagiotis PapapetrouApproximate embedding-based subsequence matching of time series and DNA sequences
10:45Presentations: Data Mining: Theory and Applications cont.
Hannu ToivonenOf graphs and mining
Kai PuolamäkiVisual analytics, randomization and ecology
Mika SulkavaEnvironmental time series analysis and cancer genomics
11:45Group Photo
13:00Presentations: Sequences, Bioinformatics, Music Retrieval
Esko UkkonenMotif construction from high-throughput SELEX data
Juha KärkkäinenInverse Burrows-Wheeler transform
Veli MäkinenUnified view of backward backtracking in short read mapping
Leena SalmelaDNA fragment assembly of a butterfly genome
Teemu KiviojaPaths of cancer
Kjell LemströmTowards more robust retrieval of geometrically represented music
15:00Afternoon coffee
15:30Presentations: Emerging Topics
Petteri KaskiTrimming bilinear transformations on the subset lattice
Valentin PolischchukGeometric Data Analysis
16:10Presentations: Neuroinformatics
Aapo HyvärinenBrain Waves and the Joy of Three-Way Analysis
Michael GutmannEstimation of unnormalized probabilistic models
17:00Presentations: Machine Learning
Jyrki KivinenOn-line prediction with combinatorial experts
Janey YuResults on some approximation algorithms in machine learning and optimization
Juho RousuComputational Systems Biology and Bioinformatics
After dinner speech: Mikael Fortelius, Department of Geosciences and Geography; Institute of Biotechnology