Java Coding Standards

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Coding standards are important because they lead to code that is easier to develop and maintain. In fact, one of the primary purposes of style guidelines is to help programmers to understand the source code even if they are not the original authors of the application. The code is also easier to share between programmers during the development process.

Java coding standards and guidelines found from the Internet:

Doug Lea's Draft Java Coding Standards
Coding Standards for C, C++, and Java
Kent Sandvik's Java Coding Style Guidelines
Some Coding Standards and Language Style Commentaries
U.S. Navy Java Style Guidelines
Mark Fussell's Online Java Development Standards
AmbySoft Inc. Java Coding Standards
Jan Skibinski's Comments on Java Programming Style
Taligent's Java Cookbook for Porting C++ to Java

In FRED we are considering the use of the AmbySoft Inc. Java Coding Standards.

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