Please also see the web pages of the new centre of excellence Algoritmic Data Analysis (Algodan) 2008-2013

The From Data To Knowledge (FDK) research unit develops methods for forming useful knowledge from large masses of data. The unit operates in a multidisciplinary fashion, integrating in its research groups excellence in discrete algorithms, statistical techniques and application sciences.

The major methodological tools of the research unit are combinatorial pattern matching and data mining. The combination of these two is unique in the world. The work combines conceptual advances, algorithmic, statistical and analytical methods, and empirical work: theory and practice go hand in hand.

FDK was selected as one of the centres of excellence by the Academy of Finland for the period 2002-2007. The work is continued in the centre of excellence Algoritmic Data Analysis (Algodan) 2008-2013.

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Data Mining and Machine Learning

Computational Methods in Medical Genetics and Expression Data Analysis

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