A Structured Text Database System

What is/was RATI/HST?

RATI was a project under the FINSOFT I technology programme (1988-91) aiming at studying structured documents and building a database system for writing, querying and editing structured documents. (The system was named HST).

The following excerpt is taken from an article published in the Electronic Publishing Conference 1990:

"We describe a database system for writing, editing, and querying structured documents. The structure of the text is described using a context-free grammar, and the operations are implemented using a powerful query language. The system supports the use of user-defined multiple views of the documents: one view can contain all the structure explicitly, while another can contain only part of the document and have only part of the structure visible. This makes the system flexible for different editing tasks. The system is implemented in C using a relational database system."

The following researchers took part in the project:


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