Using Mobile Phones with Large Displays for Enhanced User Experience

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Guest talk in Exactum, Kumpula Campus, room CK111 on Thu 9.9.2010 at 13.00

Speaker: Umar Rashid

Title: Using Mobile Phones with Large Displays for Enhanced User Experience

Abstracts: Although originally designed just for tele-communication, mobile phones are increasingly being used for GPS navigation, internet access, games, and management of personal information. While their portability makes them highly convenient for pervasive access to information, the lack of peripheral input devices and small screen real estate often impose restrictions on the amount of information to be displayed and manipulated on mobile devices. In this talk, we look into the ways the pairing of mobile devices with large displays can help complement their inherent limitations and create an enhanced user experience.

Bio: Umar Rashid is a PhD candidate in School of Computer Science, St. Andrews University. At present, he is doing internship with Context-aware Social Media team in Nokia Research Center, Tampere. His research interests include software engineering and human-computer-interaction in multi-display ecosystems.

Petteri Nurmi & Patrik Floréen

09.09.2010 - 13:00 - 15:00
Umar Rashid
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