International Conference on Lean Enterprise Software and Systems

Agile software development changed the way the software development is perceived today. The journey continues now in the new era where the software business meets software practice in a novel way. We are proud to present the first International Conference on Lean Enterprise Software and Systems (LESS) in collaboration with the Lean Software and Systems Consortium. The journey starts from Helsinki, Finland in October 2010. LESS joins three strong communities together to form a platform for innovative ideas and future developments. We foster the interaction by joining the lean product development community with the agile community coupled with innovative ideas nurtured by the beyond budgeting school of thinking. These communities are supported by well-defined educational tracks to involve the university lecturers deeply in the network where future software and business managers are educated.

Program Chairs:

  • Pekka Abrahamsson, University of Helsinki, Department of Computer Science
  • Nilay Oza, VTT


17.10.2010 (koko päivä) - 20.10.2010 (koko päivä)
Hotel Hilton Helsinki Kalastajatorppa
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