Seminar in Neuroinformatics 5: Emotion in Machines and Humans

Articles proposed for presentation

(3rd and 4th period in 2014/15)

The bolded articles are a must.

The categories are in random order, except that the first couple of categories (general models and theories) will be considered in the first presentations.

The list may still change, and you can also propose articles yourself.

Cognitive-computational theories of emotion

Computational models of emotion (nice overview)

Motivational and emotional controls of cognition (great classic from 1967)

Emotions are emergent processes: they require a dynamic computational architecture

Emotions: from brain to robot (needs neuroscience background)

Theories of emotion causation: A review

On the rationality of emotions: or, When are emotions rational?

Artificial intelligence models

What does it mean for a computer to "have" emotions

A domain-independent framework for modeling emotion

Flame --- fuzzy logic adaptive model of emotions

WASABI for affect simulation in human-computer interaction

Emergent dynamics of joy, distress, hope and fear in reinforcement learning agents (presenter must know reinforcement learning!)

Evolutionary approaches to emotions

Evolutionary Psychology and the Emotions

What good are positive emotions?

Affective Human-Computer Interaction

Computers that recognise and respond to user emotion

Affect Detection: An Interdisciplinary Review of Models, Methods, and Their Applications

How emotion is made and measured

Automatic prediction of frustration

How to behave as Alice in Wonderland - about boredom and curiosity


Robots that have emotions

The uncanny advantage of using androids in cognitive and social science research

Affective Social Robots

Why robots? A survey on the roles and benefits of social robots in the therapy of children with autism


GAMYGDALA: an Emotion Engine for Games

Phasic emotional reactions to video game events: A psychophysiological investigation (needs background in psychology/psyhophysiology)

Neuroscience and psychology

The Biology of Fear (needs neuroscience background)

Bodily maps of emotions

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