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(kuva: Veikko Somerpuro)

Patrik Floréen, PhD

University Lecturer, Docent
at Department of Computer Science, University of Helsinki, Finland
Senior Researcher
at Helsinki Institute for Information Technology HIIT, Finland

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Department of Computer Science, University of Helsinki
Mailing address: P. O. Box 68, FI-00014 University of Helsinki, Finland
Street address: Gustaf Hällströmin katu 2B, 00560 Helsinki
Office: A316
Phone: +358 40 570 0444
Email: Patrik.Floreen(at)

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University Lecturer at the Department of Computer Science of University of Helsinki.

Short CV: Patrik Floréen obtained his PhD in Computer Science from University of Helsinki in 1992. His research interests are in intelligent information retrieval and context-aware computing. He has authored more than 60 scientific publications, with more than 1000 citations. Dr. Floréen has been the scientist in charge for several research projects funded by the Academy of Finland, Tekes, industry and the EU. most recently the Tekes large strategic initiative Revolution of Knowledge Work (2013-2017). He has a permanent position as University Lecturer in Computer Science at University of Helsinki since 2003 and is Docent at the same department since 1995. He currently leads the Intelligent Interactive Information Access research group and before that he led an earlier research group Adaptive Computing. Floréen was Director of Helsinki Institute for Information Technology HIIT in 2009-10 and Interim Helsinki Node Director for EIT ICT Labs in 2010 and Vice-Director of HIIT 2010-2015. In addition to working at University of Helsinki and Helsinki University of Technology since 1986, he has been postdoctoral researcher at Utrecht University 1993-94, Secretary General for the Research Council for Natural Sciences and Engineering at the Academy of Finland 1995–97 and Scientific Officer at the European Commission in Brussels 1997-2001. Floréen is Board member of Svenska Tekniska Vetenskapsakademien i Finland.

My research group Intelligent Interactive Information Access
My earlier research group Adaptive Computing
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Teaching Spring Term 2018

  • Data Structures and Algorithms

Teaching Autumn Term 2017

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