Attack of the Placeholder Cubes

We have been working on a 3D game with the main theme of Tower Defense meets Defend the Castle. The programming language is Microsoft's C# and the development software is Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 extended with Microsoft XNA Game Studio 4.0. Because of the programming environment the game is unfortunatly restricted to Windows based platforms only, but we've tried to keep it as compatible with the most Windows platforms as possible, by using DirectX 9.0c and a lower graphics profile.

Update. The deadline is upon us! Now we'll be releasing the final game, scroll down or click this to download the full version of the game.

Update. The game is coming along quite nicely, our deadline is on next Sunday and it feels extremely nice to know that this stressful time soon'll be over. The last week we've been doing most bug fixes, and to be honest, some of them are hard to find! Now I've added a couple of screen shots from the game. Hope you like what you see! Now the FPS camera is removed too ;)

Added a new Demo for downloading.

Added download link for the XNA 4.0 Redistributable package. This file is needed for everyone that not have Microsoft XNA Game Studio 4.0 installed on their computer. We personally don't like this approach Microsoft has chosen for this, but it's the fastest way we've come up with.

A little update on the game progress. We have now added some more functionality to the menus: World selection (you have to choose map otherwise you can't start the game), Save/Load (There is for now just one save file being replaced while saving, but it'll be improved soon enough), Languages and Sound controls. The difficulty has been tweaked to a more "friendly" setting. You just have to hit spot-on, to kill them, this will also be fixed when we get some more time to do it. The Save and Load functionality was a little harder to get done, than we first thought. Once we understood the serialization methods the hardest thing was to figure out exactly what objects we needed to be saved to a file.

There are some download links at the buttom of the page. There are now to different demos available. You can check out the big differences yourselves.

Camera Controls

Build Camera [F1]

Action Keys / Buttons / Mouse
Move Forward Right Mouse button + Move mouse up / W
Move Backwards Right Mouse button + Move mouse down / S
Move Left Right Mouse button + Move mouse left / A
Move Right Right Mouse button + Move mouse right / D
Rotate Middle Mouse button + Move mouse
Show build hud Space
Place Tower Left Mouse button
Deselect Tower Backspace

Tower Camera [F2]

Action Keys / Buttons / Mouse
Rotate Move mouse
Shoot Left Mouse button (hold to charge)
Tab Switch between towers
M Jump to Main Tower

Download Links

Manual 0.4 MB

Full Release ver.1 60.0 MB
Demo ver.3 49.0 MB
Demo ver.2 25.7 MB
Demo ver.1 25.7 MB

XNA 4.0 Redistributable 6.7 MB
.NET 4.0 (Redistributable may need this) 0.7 MB

Screen Shots