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by Andrei Gurtov

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Information about the game

Durak means fool in Russian. This is probably the most popular card game in Russia.

The first version Java version of Durak was written in 1997 using Microsoft  J++. It was a simple implementation where one human is against one computer player. It was based on JDK1.0 with standard AWT.

The more advanced version, named SuperDurak was more or less completed in summer 1999. It is based on new JDK1.1 with Swing and can be run as an applet and application. In addition to nicer interface with animation, it has up to 3 computer players agains one human. The deck can be chosen of 36 or 52 cards. The game is easier to control just with a mouse. And of course the strategy of computer players has been improved.

I got a lot of emails with comments and suggestions, they all helped to improve the game. Please write to gurtov@cs.helsinki.fi


The John McLeod's Durak page contains comprehensive rules info and some illustrated examples of the game.

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Kurnik Online Games seems to be the only place on the internet where you can play online Durak against live opponents.