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University of Helsinki Department of Computer Science

Processing of large document collections, Spring 2005

582410 Laajojen dokumenttiaineistojen käsittely (2 ov)
582410 Processing of large document collections(2 cu)

Lectures: Prof. Helena Ahonen, 15.3.-28.4., Tue 12-14, Thu 10-12, B222

Exercises: Juha Makkonen, 21.3.-6.5., Tue 14-16 DK118 and Fri 10-12 DK117

Topics: Automatic text categorization. Text summarization. Question answering systems. Information extraction from text.

Current issues

  • First lecture on Tuesday 15.3.
  • Lectures and exercise sessions will be in Finnish, but all material is in English.
  • Registration

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