Modalities, Conditionals, and Values

A Symposium on Philosophical Logic
in Celebration of the Centenary of
Georg Henrik von Wright

Helsinki, Finland, May 23-25, 2016

Call for Papers

Georg Henrik von Wright was one of the early pioneers of philosophical logic, with his monograph "An Essay in Modal Logic" of 1951, and his invention of a whole new field, namely deontic logic.

Recent developments in the study of modal logic and related philosophical logics in Helsinki go hand-in-hand with a revival of philosophical logic at the international level, with new ideas, methods and fields of application stemming from the pioneering work that started in the 1950s with the modern development in the philosophical investigation of modalities.

In modal logic, syntactic and semantic methods obtain a fruitful blend through correspondence theory and their blend has in recent years created a new momentum in the development of uniform and comprehensive inferential systems, something which was considered an impossibility until recently. In the theory of conditionals, the logical concept of implication or consequence is set in a much broader light. Unlike material implication, conditionals are not truth functionals. They also escape an interpretation in terms of alethic modality, thus creating a challenge to logicians. A number of scholars have faced the problem of interpreting conditionals and creating good inferential systems for them.

In addition to modal, deontic, conditional, and tense logic, the workshop will focus on the far-reaching developments of other of von Wright's seminal contributions, such as the logic of preference, with implications in areas such as economics, game theory, social choice theory, and artificial intelligence, as well as pervasive themes of von Wright's production, such as reflection on the role of logic in philosophy.

The meeting will be held in Helsinki on May 23-25, 2016. Confirmed international participants include

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