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Used to (nowadays only Swedish missing :-)):
Department of Computer Science @ the University of Helsinki
Department of Electrical and Communications Engineering @ the Helsinki University of Technology (HUT)

Few things I have made

My first ever C project (Of course, it's a worm game :-) ): binary - source

CS Dep Programming Project (JAVA) (2 cu): binary - source - HTML-destination exists verifier, quickly check whether the pages you have linked are still accessible.

CS Dep Computer Organization (JAVA) (2 cu): source - TKK-91 Processor Simulator

CS Dep Data Structures Project (JAVA) (3 cu): binary - source - A* searching algorithm based grid pathfinder.

OCTI Client: OCTI online gateway - The client used for online playing is partially made by me. I mainly fixed the bugs in the code when I joined the project and also wrote some minor features and improvements.

CS Dep Computer Graphics Course (C) (4 cu): source - A convey-hull finder (a.k.a Graham's algorithm) for the candles on the table. OpenGL implementation is required. if you don't have one you can try with MesaGL.

CS Dep Software Engineering Project (Tcl/Tk,C) (6 cu): Sealion (not downloadable because of NDA) - An graphical viewer of TCP/IP traffic over the wireless link. The Sealion is used for analysing the data from the Seawind, a Wireless Network Emulator.

HUT - VHDL course (2 cu): VHDL source - WNM Unit. Wireless Noise Measurement Unit is a component which is used to measure wideband noise from e.g. wideband code division multiple access (WCDMA) base stations (BS) antennas. The measured values can be used for adjusting the transmission power of the antenna. The WNM must be implemented as digital IC (Integrated Circuit) as the required clock rate is high. The real system is complex and therefore it has been simplified a bit.

Analysis of Heterogeneous IP Traffic in Wireless Environment - Master's Thesis: [ps] [ps.gz] [pdf]

Linux kernel work


- Bus traffic in Espoo
- Regional bus traffic at Helsinki area
OCTI (the game) - It's easier to learn than chess, it's has more freedom than chess, the computers haven't beaten any serious human players (yet.. ;-) )
Country domain list
Keyboard design

Links for finns only

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