Janne H. Korhonen

PhD, Postdoctoral researcher
currently at Reykjavík University


a list of my teaching activities at the department of computer science and at the department of mathematics and statistics

Thesis supervision

Teaching assistant

  • design and analysis of algorithms, autumn 2010 (CS)
  • introduction to discrete mathematics, autumn 2009 (math)
  • data structures, spring 2009 (CS)
  • introduction to lambda calculus, autumn 2008 (CS)
  • data structures project, autumn 2007 (CS)
  • "matematiikka tutuksi", autumn 2007 (math)
  • introduction to discrete mathematics, autumn 2007 (math)
  • data structures, spring 2007 (CS)
  • introduction to programming, autummn 2006 (CS)


  • teacher tutor, 2008-> (CS)
  • guidance tutor, 2006-2007 (math)
  • tutor, autumn 2006 (math)

Other teaching



some student organisations

Other stuff

some miscellaneous stuff
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